Culture & Heritage

Negeri Sembilan is the only state that adheres to the practice of Adat Perpatih, a matrilineal system which authorizes the women folks to be the heirs to the customary land and social inheritances. 

The state is also rich in cultural traditions. Wonderful music and folk performances such as Cak Lempong, Tumbuk Kalang, Dikir Rebana, Tarian Lilin, Tarian Randai and Bongai have descended for generations and have become an integral part of the social lifestyle in Negeri Sembilan.

As the culture is flourished with the Adat Perpatih traditions, Negeri Sembilan also showcases architectural marvels in its traditional houses. Its elongated roof, slightly upswept feature at both end of the roof, is the most distinctive element from those in other states in the Peninsular of Malaysia. These traditional houses were built entirely of wood and some were meticulously erected without the use of nails. The ingenuity of the wood structure craftsmanship is in the artistic use of the songket, wedge and joint techniques.

An excellent example of this architectural wonder is the Istana Lama Seri Menanti Royal Museum. The multiple storey structure, with large chambers and exquisite carvings, are stunning and simply interesting.

Army Museum

Baitul-Hilal Astronomy Complex

Lukut Fort & Museum

Cape Rachado Lighthouse

Ostrich Farm

Night Market @ 4th Mile Port Dickson