Terms & Conditions

  1. You should not break any items in the bungalow or remove away any items. No items must be missing when you check out.
  2. Prior to your stay you will be asked to walk through a checklist of household items.
  3. You have to pay an additional Security Refundable Deposit of RM100, only refundable one week after you check out, once our Housekeeper confirming that there is no damage or missing items in the said bungalow.
  4. If the management were to check and find items missing or broken, you are responsible and you have to pay for it and the Security Refundable Deposit will be held back by the Housekeeper.
  5. All items must be kept in their respective place after use.
  6. All rubbish must be thrown in the garbage bag provided and not all over the place.
  7. You have to fill the guest book provided by the Housekeeper.
  8. Inform the Housekeeper about the check-out time.
  9. You should not bring any extra guests apart from the actual number of occupancy. Surcharge of RM100 will be imposed for every extra guest.
  10. Consumption of liquor should be at the terrace or outside.
  11. All payments for booking of bungalows must be directly dealt with the Management Office and not with the Housekeepers.
  12. You should not hold and or organize any illegal activities which is against the Government Law.
  13. Check-in is at 9am and check-out is at 2pm the following day.
  14. Extension of stay will be charged accordingly due to availability.
  15. You are to make the full payment, one week before your check-in date to our company bank account numbers here, failing which your deposit will be forfeited.
  16. No refund of deposit payments will be entertained for cancellation of booking.
  17. Utilization of cooking gas will be charged RM10 per day.